Cheap or free SQL database host?

mLab has been great for MongoDB but I would like to do a project with Sequelize, probably using Postgre (but I can do a different SQL database as well). Anyone know a good option that is cheap or free? AWS is on my list to look into so far.

Yes, I’d definitely look at AWS — you get I think 750hrs on the free tier, enough to run one for a year anyway, which should give you more than enough room to play around. However it isn’t simple to set up, and it can get expensive if you’re not careful. One thing it is important to note is that AWS skills are in quite high demand, so knowing how to leverage AWS is useful from a jobs perspective.

Note that almost any web hosting is going to offer a RDBMS (normally MySQL/MariaDB), but what else you can put on may be limited (which is likely to be an issue with eg Node applications). VPS hosts like Digital Ocean will let you set up almost anything you can think of — it’ll cost a small amount per month, but it would likely give you the most flexibility with probably the easiest setup.


Thanks, I will go with them then. After the free year their micro tier is billed at about $10 month, or a little less with prepay.

I have worked on AWS before as a newb and ran away crying it was so hard. But now I think I can swing it. More expensive than a whole Digital Ocean instance which can do anything, but like you said its in demand. So I think it will be worth it.

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yes AWS is good for SQL DB. I’m using their platform for hosting various things. Additionally you can also take a look at Google Cloud.