Check out my Random Math Quote Machine

Hey peeps,

Here’s my random quote machine. I’d love to get some feedback on it!

Also, if you’re wondering what API I used, check here: Created Random Quote Generator API

I like the simplicity of the layout, and admire how you connected to your Random Quote Generator API which you shared on Github.

Although the scrolling sky background initially catches your attention, it ultimately begins to distract the viewer from focusing on the quotes themselves---kind of makes you dizzy. Perhaps you could compromise and instead have randomly generated static backgrounds? Maybe a new background image with each new quote? All in all, very nice job though!

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I agree that the scrolling background is a little distracting. Maybe you could put the quote on a light background to help that? Example:

I really like the detail of the animated background, but the video moves a bit too fast for my taste. Something that’s a bit slower might work better, but that’s just my opinion. Love the aesthetic of your project!

Thank you! I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback.