Random Quote Machine with Changing Background Pics

Aloha campers,

Wanted to share my random quote generator for feedback.

There is an issue. You will see that one you open the page, about a second later the page automatically refreshes somehow. I tested to see if there was something in the javascript code that caused this by commenting out all the javascript code, but still the same issue. Maybe it is just a codepen thing. I might it up on github and see if the problem persists there.

It looks good, but I think you are suppose to use API for this project, I noticed that you wrote all the quotes in advance.
And another thing, you are using a high quality backgrounds, it took almost two seconds to be downloaded.

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Thanks YusufSh, appreciate your input.

Ah, so its the time it takes to download the photos that causes the page flicker a second or 2 after loading. I will put smaller image files up instead.

Oops on the API, looks like I will have to make my own API’s for my quotes and rework things!