Random Quotes Machine Project

Hi everyone,

I’ve done this little thing for the Random Quotes Machine project. Actually I think it has lots of things to improve, but I already spent some time on it, so I think it’s final :slight_smile:

I didn’t use any framework (no jQuery, no Bootstrap, etc) that would make my life easier, but it was kind of fun.

It will probably show up badly on some devices because I didn’t test it so much, so if you find any problems with it I would appreciate your comments.

Thank you and happy coding!


Best I’ve seen on freeCodeCamp.

I really enjoy the static background, the way the image in the box changes with the quotes, and the variety of the quotes. I clicked many times and never got the same quote twice.Whether that’s because there were so many quotes or because you programmed the quotes to never repeat, I don’t know, but it’s appreciated.

Hi Jacey,

I really appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

The quotes come from an API and most of the time you get new ones (few times it repeat the previous… Nothing very hard to improve though hehe).

The images load, if found, from Wikipedia. Sometimes the author is listed in Wikipedia, but the name appearing in the quotes API doesn’t match exactly, so it then loads the default background.

Again, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

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I liked a lot, the only thing that i would change is put all the container inside a div with width and height 100%, and a background-color with some alpha, like (rgba(30,30,30,0.7)) to make the quotes more readable.


Thank you! That has already been implemented. Maybe the foreground color was too transparent to be noticed, but sometimes the image is too bright to make enough contrast.

Thank you for your review!

Happy coding!

It is an Awesome work.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it!

Happy coding!