Random Quote Machine - Feedback Appreciated

Hi All,

Here is my Random Quote Machine project. This is my first project using GitHub instead of Codepen. There are a few things I would still like to improve, but it’s most of the way there. I’d greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have.


Code on GitHub
Live version

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Wow, nothing but crickets :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure that’s a good sign :thinking:

I really liked the idea of having a cycling background image, but was a little unsure about the performance and bandwidth required. I tried to choose ones without a lot of detail and compressed them all using tinyjpg.com. I’d love to hear any thoughts on whether it performs okay for you.

I think it looks really good. I’m on a pretty slow connection right now and I don’t have a problem with the images loading. The only thing I have a problem with is some of the contrast with the images and the black box. My eyes are fairly sensitive though, darker images that have a brighter color towards the middle: like the purple lake with the mountains in the background and the giraffes with the sun in the background are hard on my eyes but that is just me.

Thanks a lot @austinmoore1492. I will look into swapping out those images. I see what you mean, and I’m not really crazy about the one with the giraffes anyway :smiley:. Really appreciate your feedback.