Choosing a domain name for a portfolio

Hi everyone!

With all the BF sales going on, the idea of preemptively registering a portfolio name came to mind.
I’m not quite sure what name to pick though, I usually see people going with their first + last name combinations, and that is indeed available in my case for a .com domain.

The problem is - my full name is 16 characters long, the last name is 10. I also don’t have an American/English last name so it wouldn’t be very memorable and is difficult to spell for people who don’t know me directly.

I’ve also considered the “firstName + lastNameFirstLetter + dev” (lol @ camelCase) combination but it’s already taken unfortunately. A similar one but with 3 first letters of my last name makes the whole thing look really weird.

The short domains are much preferred but most of them are already taken and I can’t come up with anything that’s relatable to me and a good portfolio fit at the same time.

Would love some advice on this! If you were in a similar situation or came across a good way for picking a portfolio domain, feel free to share :slight_smile: