The dilemma about domain name choosing


I have got ideas on what I want to put on my website. It would be a mixture of my blog, portfolio and other services - let’s say consultancy. There also will be a redirect to YouTube channel where I will create vlogs. So in relation to that, domain name would be good for that?

I have a dilemma about choosing a domain name. Because my first name and last name are difficult to remember. Additionally, I come from non-English speaking country but currently I am living permamently in English-speaking country. Maybe I end up choosing a domain name with a username name? And make it redirect to

What do you think of that?

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Hey @Agnezza. If your name is difficult to remember, then you may choose a username for your domain. If you do so, I think you don’t need to redirect it to another domain. If you provide your full name, let me try picking a domain name for you. After all, this is your website and you can pick any domain you want.

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Yes, I am planning to provide my full name because I will write my blog about IT issues from the perspective of a woman :slight_smile:

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