.codes domain for personal portfolio

Hi there,
I want to start a personal portfolio and was wondering if .codes is a good/relevant domain name I may use for the same?
I intend to name it like so,
myfirstname.codes or myfirstname&lastname.codes, etc

any comments or alternate domains I could explore?

many thanks in advance,

I don’t saw a lot of .codes domain,
maybe you can use .dev if it’s available

me, io, site are also somewhat popular domains

Greetings @ani0104,

If your name or last name is quite unusual, I would personally go with a lastName.com. However, chances are it is already taken.

In case it is, I would go with a firstName.dev or lastName.dev as the second option. Dev stands for developer/development, and it is widely used by many of us.

If you plan to develop a technology-related app where users are able to interact with, instead of just being a static portfolio site, I would go with firstName.io or lastName.io.

Note that .io domains are more expensive than the ones previously mentioned, but you can get one for like $50 a year.