Choosing between automation engineer or web dev engineer

hi every one, i hope y’ll doing well.
so I’m zack i do have a master in automation engineer and i dont really have much experience in automation i just start a new fresh job as automation engineer and i learned a little bit i programmed many plc and designed scada already so i have a good idea now about this job .
before getting this job i was working as freelancer with cms WP i made alot of websites and i solve alot of problems and bugs for almost one year and half of experience also i start learning coding html css and js then i got this job in my study domain i was like i will give a chance to it and see i may like it more but i still always say i hope i was a dev i love web dev i like frontend so i am always wishing to be a dev even now my problem i cant decide what i do because i don’t really have a good idea about automation engineer and im scared to make the wrong decision but always talking about how awesome to be web dev, also i start hate automation because there is no resources like web dev the community is small and every thing secret so if i want to go ahead in some problem really there is no one to ask or to google it because its really limited in resources, i feel wasting my time i don’t know i may wrong that’s what am asking u guys to light my knowledge.
also my final study project was about ai i used python i worked with cnn to ML voices and i really start liking coding from there.
i hope u guys can light me up and help me decide if i go frontend dev or i wait more and learn more about automation :slight_smile:

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