Citation question regarding Tribute Page project

I am working on progress to make a tribute page for Helen Keller as a Freecodecamp project. As a code newbie, I have a question regarding copyright. When I want to use an image or an article/text from another website(ex.wikipedia) in my code, how can I cite the source? Should I write the ‘courtesy of~’ below an image or article/text? or source: like this? what I did was using the ‘cite’ tag in HTML. Or should I use a citation like APA style in my code? Below is the code that I wrote first one is citing the image that I used from Wikipedia, and the second one is the text I used from that cited website.

If you see my full code on codepen, the whole texts in the lists in unordered list tags are from another website(2nd code snippet). Did I cite properly?

<cite><a href="">
Los Angeles Times; restored by User:Rhododendrites</a> ,Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons</cite>
<cite>source: <a href=""></a></cite>

Thank you so much in advance for answering

@stellashu77 Welcome to the forums! For these projects, citation doesn’t really matter but later on when you really need to cite something what you have done looks good. I would just add a small little caption under the image. Which you have already done. I think that is enough. Although, I have never written or made a page that I need to cite something. May be best for someone with more experience to clear that up. :smile: Happy coding!

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