Clinical health informatics

Hi everyone,

I want to apply for clinical health informatics analyst positions, can anyone recommend what coding languages/ what course(s) I should learn on this site?



I work as a data analyst at a hospital biobank. If I were applying for my current job, I would start with the following three certifications, as they will teach you some essential skills that one is going to need day-to-day:

  • Scientific Computing with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Relational Database (Beta)

Besides these three, knowing the basics of machine learning could also be beneficial. For example, if you want to mine unstructured data (a lot of information in electronic health records is still in free-text fields), consider taking Machine Learning with Python also.

There are a lot different systems out there. You will certainly encounter other programming languages and libraries, but those certifications should give you a good start.

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