Code Pen Analyze HTML & CSS errors

I am receiving these strange HTML and CSS errors on all of my current projects within Code pen. I noticed first when i re-worked my tribute page yesterday and when I went to analyze the code, I received the errors, but could not find what was wrong with the code. I happened to check my other completed projects, which previously had all code analyzed without error- and now these same errors are coming up -

Anyone have any advise as to what is happening?

Thank you!

Hello, could you send us a link to your codepen? In that way we could check what is wrong.

Hello there,

Have you recently installed any browser extensions with access to You can debug, by disabling them, until the errors disappear.

For more useful error information, you could probably look in the browser console (Ctrl + Shift + I)

Hope this helps

there is something wrong with codepen, it seems that the codepen analyzer has blown up

do not worry, you can for example use this one: for your html

and this one for your css

use “validate by direct input” and paste your code there

for the html you can ignore the first 3 things it says, as those are satisfied by the codepen boilerplate

about the codepen boilerplate: remove the body tags, as those are already added in the background by the codepen boilerplate


Share u code pen code link to know whats wrong.

@ilenia - Perfect! thanks for letting me know of those two validators- all checked out that i was working on.