Code snippet doesnt-work properly in FFC bulid-in console

As you can see, i am comparing two consoles, VS code and your FFC console. Unfortunately, your doesnt show code prompts (snippets) and i cant code without this.
For example, when i am typing “func” there should be “function” prompt and several else.
Whats more, i dont see this but when i type “TAB” its work but i dont see this.
Hope you gonna resolve this.
Wish u good day

do you mean the autocomplete? It was decided to have this disabled, as typing everything is better for memorizing the syntax, familiarizing with how things work, as this curriculum is geared toward people that have never coded before (and to everyone else too).

Remember that the only mandatory part of the curriculum are the projects.
If you feel you do not need the practice of completing the challenges, you can skip them and go directly to the projects.


Thank you for your response. You are right, i meant “autocomplete” and that was really helpful to type code faster. Do you have any idea to turn it on again?

You can’t. It was intentionally disabled.

Hello there,

As it stands, we do not plan on “turn[ing]” it on. As, Ieahleen mentioned, the challenges in the lessons are made for the benefit of students (users wanting to learn), and memorisation is a large part of this.

Once you get further in the curriculum, you will work more and more away from the built-in environment, and you are welcome to use auto-completions, emmet abbr., and code snippets.

I hope this clears things up.