CodePen Account for Basic Front End Development Project

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am one of the users of FreeCodeCamp. I am currently on the “Basic Front End Development Project”. Can I finish the challenges by signing up for the free version of CodePen? I dont want to spend money on any of the browser-based code editors. Can I use any other free code editors instead of CodePen to finish the challenges for the “Basic Front End Development Projects”?

I will be waiting for your kind and prompt reply.



You can use any tool/editor you want as long as you have a demo and the source code is publicly available. And most of us signed up for a free CodePen account. A paid account is entirely optional.

This is freeCodeCamp, after all :wink:

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Thanks kevcomedia :smiley: And please check out the “Tribute Page Challenge” that I have done here…Your feedback is most welcome.