Is there anything else I can use besides codepen for projects?

Hello, so I’m on my first project after doing lessons of HTML, CSS, and Jquery. It’s the project where I have to build a tribute page of Dr. Borlaug. I was wondering what is something I can use besides code pen. I’m trying to use Notepad++, but the code is different there. Like for instead of h1, they use head. Code pen has a monthly charge which is why I don’t want to use it. What can I use for free?

Wait, actually I think notepad++ will work just fine.

Maybe this

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Will notepad++ also work? I’m using that right now.

There are a lot of text editors out there. My favorite and free are Atom and sublime text
For your project use github, search for more info.


Okay, thanks I will check them out, but notepad++ will work out too right?

Notepad++ is fine. I’ve been using it all along :wink:

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okay, nice, thanks everyone!

I’m a fan of Sublime2. TextWrangler is also okay–just not as robust or friendly. If you haven’t checked out, it’s a great IDE for running changes to code as you make them.

@Mandoll, I’m pretty sure CodePen still offers a free version. It doesn’t have as many features as the pay versions, but it’s fine for creating the Free Code Camp projects. It’s public, and there’s not the option for making the free version private, but for the Free Code Camp projects, that doesn’t seem like a big deal.

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Ailokin, it doesn’t I checked, the lowest fee is $9.99 per month or $75/year. It’s okay though, I heard you can use other editors and still load your projects in.

@Mandoll This was my experience in looking for the free version: since I already have an account, when I go to the plans page, it shows the pay versions. However, if I open a browser I haven’t used CodePen in, I get the free page. So, is it possible that you already signed up for an account? Of course, you can use other editors, but it adds a layer of complexity–depending on your experience (I knew nothing when I started), that may slow you down (but be easier to learn later). If you can’t get a free CodePen acct, check out

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Codepen is definitely free. That is exactely the reason why FCC uses it.

I do think, though, that using an editor like Sublime or Atom is way easier than using an online tool.


Oh, wow lol. Didn’t see that, thank you!

This isn’t something Notepad++ does, there is actually an HTML element called <head> and it’s completely different from the <hX> tags used for headers. No matter which editor, operating system, or platforms you use, you will be writing the same code for each.

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