Problem finding good beginner editor for coding

Hi I absolutely love CodePen, but I want is CodePen an actual code editor like Atom, Sublime Text3 and the others? Because i have almost all of them downloaded and the only one that shows the results of what i am coding while i am doing it is Sublime and unfortunately sublime is way to complicated for me, Will these editors keep my projects, or will i have to rewrite them when i first get a job making a webpage? I don’t understand that whole process… all of it really just gets more confusing the more i delve into it. Can i stick with CodePen?

CodePen will keep your projects, unless you delete them. But the downside is you can’t hide their UI, so your projects are always contained in their window.

You can keep your projects by downloading the CodePen (click the export button) and uploading the files to your GitHub, but you’ll have to tweak a little bit (the CodePen download won’t automatically link your .js and .css files to your .html file, for example).

If you’re using an editor like Atom, when you make changes to a file you can save it and load your index.html in your browser to see the changes. That’s what I do.

You can use , it is an online editor, in which you create and link actual files, not at all like codepen. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a local environment as first thing (even if you may want to do that later)

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