I need help with Codepen!

I was already on that challenge where FreeCodeCamp send you to do a project on your own at codepen!

Suddenly the page just fails! It delete my actual work and thus I am not able to access my previous! I have send them directly an email but have not received a response from the team yet! Can I also use something else??? I dont know another editor? I wasnt a big fan of codepen!

Anything helps!
Thanks in advance.

you can use sublime text, it is awesome. do give it a try

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Work locally, then transfer your results to codepen if you are having problems.
or try…
repl.it to a lesser extent.

I don’t think there is a coder alive that hasn’t had that happen to them. You put in a lot of time getting your program to work and then bang, something happens and it’s all gone. Thats why one of the first rules of programming in any language is to save your work as often as possible. Ctrl-s is your best friend. So I would say instead of wasting your time trying to recover your work( odds are you won’t be able to), you just accept that it’s gone and understand that it just a lesson that had to be learnt the hard way. Trust me, I’ve been there and it sucks, but it’s a lesson I will never forget.

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It’s unfortunate that you lost your work on CodePen. However, you should really be using your own editor so that you can upload your progress to GitHub. Many employers will look to your Git account to see how often you have been coding and for how long. Most students do not learn about the importance of making a strong Git presence on the web until many months after they start learning to code. And by that time, they have lost out on the ability to showcase months worth of their work - Git keeps track of how often you add new code to your ‘repository’ on a public calendar in your profile.

Any of these editors will work great for you:

Atom - used by the Git community
Brackets - focused on web design
Sublime - very popular for general use

Once you have your code working in your editor, you can upload it to CodePen to get it checked.

@Alexcode I have messed with a few text editors. Sublime text is cool but I think Brackets is definitely more user friendly. Sublime is also a little pushy with the purchase offers since it is free to an extent, whereas Brackets and Atom are both free. I recently discovered Atom and it is my go to editor and its free .99

I’ve never had a problem with codepen. I use it all the time for small projects and to quickly test something out, like helping people in the forum.

The idea to write locally and upload to codepen is problematic - uploading to codepen requires a lot of work. I find it much easier to go the opposite direction.

People mention the need to save to github. I completely agree. But it’s really easy to save your codepen to local - export -> export to .zip and extract file in your local directory. I find it much easier going from codepen to local than the other way around. And working in codepen made it so much easier to get help from the forum when I ran into problems.

Just my $.02.

Thanks for your response!!