Codepen behaves somewhat strangely with my react app

i had written the drum machine about a week ago and moved on, but yesterday i re-visited the codepen and noticed a pretty strange behavior which seems to be codepen-related but who knows

so, the machine works fine when i open it in the full view mode, both on my pc and my cellphone, but when i open it in the edit mode it doesn’t work properly (doesn’t play sounds, doesn’t show the sound name and even doesn’t react to the key presses and passes only 5 of 8 tests) till i press “run” once and reload it, after that it works fine in the edit mode too and passes all the tests (that’s why i didn’t notice it originally)

what even can be the reason?

That sounds strange. Can you post a link to your codepen?

oh, nvm, i have just tested it again with two different browsers and it works in the edit mode without reload, didn’t work with the same two browsers just yesterday, i suppose it’s because my internet connection is unstable recently (looks like my modem is dying)