FCC projects doesnt work! please confirm


so that’s the project by FCC.

could you see it. it doesnt work when im trying to open it

Edit2: If you click the Run button it does work

There might actually be other links that are wrong as well, I would have to check. I think the Drum Machine might be broken as well.

I updated my initial post. Really the pen should have Auto-Updating Preview enabled, I think that might fix it.

Edit: nope that doesn’t seem to help.

It seems a lot of React projects on Codepen are having the same issue requiring you to have Auto-Updating Preview disabled and you have to press the run button. Not sure if this is new or if it was always like that. I don’t remember it always being like that. It’s also a bit random somehow, or I just don’t see the differences that make some of the pens work on first load and others not.

Example projects

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