Drum-machine project

I have just completed react drum-machine project(https://codesandbox.io/s/react-class-vhtw8?file=/src/index.js). Project really interesting, here are several issues to mention(most of them are not about project itself but with online editors):

  1. Was interesting to find that it is big problem to add material-ui into codepen. That is why I just switched to codesandbox editor. Project was made locally, I send it to codepen just to submit, but it took more time to deal with material-ui problem rather than with actual project.

  2. Second big wow! was when I tried to implement fcc project testing link into codesandbox. In codepen it is good, but it turns out that in codesandbox you have to deal with “external resources” to make it work. Thanks to local community, I have created an issue here to find it: Project testing bundle v1 is not working in codesandbox

  3. This problem about project itself. After I completed all the steps, and passed all the tests I tried to double check sound, but not on the project slider but on the keyboard buttons to inc/dec sounds. And it threw out me an error. I created a post on stackoverflow and one good guy helped me with my problem. Here is the link:
    Probably, that’s it. Thanks for your future feedbacks, if in my project will be things to change please write. Thanks in advance.

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I checked out your project and one thing that I noticed was that when you hit any other key than the ones assigned to the drum pads, the app crashes. I would add some error handling that keeps your app from crashing if someone accidentally hits a “wrong” key.

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Hello! Thank you for noticing, didn’t try to press other button besides given one before. Just added an error handler to fix this issue.