Portfolio <h1> won't appear or move to center

Hello FCC Forum,

I’m having a hard time getting my <h1 to appear at all. Or stay centered. I have tired to change the margin, padding and auto center it. I have tried setting my CSS to bootstrap 4 and bootstrap 3 at the same time and apart. I have tired the example code on

Sigh. I know that I can use col.mid or place my <h1 within a <div and change the id also. Nothing has worked. So if you guys can offer any suggestions or links I would really appreciate it. Sorry if this seems silly, I’m really new to HTMP, CSS, Bootsrap etc.

Yea i could use a link to your CodePen too.
Just right click the web Address and paste it in your post.
FCC will make it pretty and easy for us to see.

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Yes guys. Sorry I should have done that. I was so frustrated. LOL
Now I see my h2 but it’s in the wrong place.
I will not make changes until I hear back from you guys.

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Yep I can see my name =h1 and my place holder h2.

-I deleted that…

margin-top = -10%;

…from your pageOne class and that fixed it.
I think it was pulling elements up into the top of the page.

You can find a lot about centering in this article:

Aha okay cool. Thanks. I was trying to fix the spacing issues. :sunglasses::blush:

Thanks I will check out the link.

What about Zip?? :cry:

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to miss thanking anyone.

Thanks Zip:blush::kissing_heart::smile:

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