Codepen page being blank (HTML/CSS)

Hi! I was trying to do the personal projects on the but it shows a blank page with me unable to type anything in.

I’ve tried using another browser with no codepen account logged in and it is still the same.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @muhammadismaelosman !

Welcome to the forum!

This issue was brought up a few weeks ago on the forum

It was resolved after a few hours but this it more of a codepen issue than a FCC issue.

You could try waiting a few hours until it resolves or reach out to codepen support.

I just tested it and it is working on my end.

So it might be an issue affecting different areas of the world.

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Yeah I just checked and it’s working again. Thanks for the confirmation! Wasn’t sure if the problem was on my end or the site itself.

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