Codepen view problem

Hi campers!

Have you met the problem that your webpage looks different when you use editor view and full page? What is the matter with it? Should I fix my webpage according to full view? Thanks in advance.

Sorry for not showing the problem in detail.

Here is a screenshot of editor view, and there is a margin between the two components.

Here is screenshot of full page, and there is no margin between the two components.

The width of the two screenshots are both over 1000 px. I am not sure if it is due to the responsiveness.

This is the link of my codepen portfolio page

Thank you guys!

Can you post screen shots showing the difference, or link to the codepen in question?

It could just be that the window width is different and you haven’t made a responsive page - but it’s impossible to know without seeing it.

I have edited the question. Thank you for pointing it out. :slight_smile: