Technical problem: Codepen's different views show different results


I have a problem with my codepen. I thought i’m doing ok with setting the buttons (it looks fine in the fork’s mode), but then i changed the view to Full Page - and it looks bad.

What causes that change? I thought it was the height of the window but it’s not.

The codepen:

Hey @sebastianhew it looks the same to me in both Editor mode and Full mode. Fork is not a view mode, you use fork to create a copy of the pen.

What are you seeing that is different between the views?

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hey Rick. buttons appear differently on fork mode and full page.

does it look good on your browser? it’s a bit weird and too low on my full page :confused:

I opened up two browser tabs, one in Editor Mode and one in Full Mode and toggled back and forth and they look the same to me. All the page elements seem the same size and position in both.

And again there is not such thing as Fork Mode… ; )

I realized that when i try to change the font size inside of these buttons it won’t work either in full page mode. But as you can see, in edtior’s mode i changed the font size of these two signs to bigger and it worked in there. But i guess it suppose to look good in the full page primarly. I used ‘em’ units.