Coders help me about codepen

Hello coders. I have to submit my project in my college. And they want me to tell them about the front end and back end used in project. I completed the challenge of weather application and i will submit that in my college. I will tell them about front end. But can you tell me what back end are we using in codepen. And what i can explain to them in back end. I created project over Please help

Do they expect you to be responsible for the back end of your project? If so, the weather project probably doesn’t meet the expectations of the assignment - it’s a front end project.

If that is not a problem you could talk about the API you are using to get your data - although your knowledge of that will probably be pretty limited, since it’s unlikely you know what technology stack they use.

The codepen stack is HUGE…you should listen to the Codepen Radio podcast where they discuss servers to get a sense of how huge.

They just want to know where my data will be stored. Which database are they using . if they are using Sql or oracle? They want basic details u know. And what about codepen radio?

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If you still have time (about a week), you could learn some Node and fix up something small like the URL shortener. Then just make a front end for it, which you have experience with since you’ll need make an ajax call to your API, and deploy it to Heroku, which is simple enough if you’ve got experience with Git and Github.

Otherwise, I think you can talk about the stack of the API being used, although you’ll probably need to guess a lot, and that might not be specific enough.

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Thank you sir. It Was really helpful… .