is awesome!

I just came across this online code editor. In my opinion this is far superior to codepen particularly when you get onto the bigger java script and react challenges.

It has
code completion
linting (helps show errors)
syntax highlighting of error
shows react’s error messages in the html preview
much better console than codepen

I find when using codepen it swallows up errors and is difficult to debug. Take the time to get to know and you will save yourself so much time.


it looks good. I like the way it has an option to display the full page view without any extra headers/footers added to it.
Does it have any special setup requirements for pulling in libraries?
(btw. you may want to put this post under the ‘review’ section)

Nope, its super easy. There is an add dependencies button where you can search npm and pick the package. Even easier that using a command line!