Frontend Library Projects

I finally got around to working on the frontend library projects!

If I’m reading this correctly: you can just choose any of the front end library to complete the projects. For example, I can just do every project using only React and skip the other options mentioned…right?

Secondly…I have no idea how to transfer my React code to codepen for the verification. I googled up a basic hello world example for codepen react…but how would I transfer my entire React project written on vscode to codepen?

Yes, that is correct.

If you have multiple files, then codepen won’t work.
You can use codesandbox instead.

If you just have one js file, then you will need to setup react and react dom in codepen.
Remember to add your root div in the html

<div id="root"></div>

Then setup react in the js settings

Then you can just copy and paste your code.

Hope that helps!

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Oh wait…I can submit my project using codesandbox instead of codepen? That would make life a lot easier if that’s the case!

Yes, you can use whatever you want to build your project.

As long as you submit a live link then it is fine.

Just to clarify: If I build my project on codesandbox, can I submit a link directly from codesandbox (how would my project get verified in that case)? Or do I have to copy and paste my code to codepen?

Yes, you can submit the codesandbox link.

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Ah cool! I’ll write the projects using codesandbox then. Thank you so much!

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