Finished 'Front End Libraries' challenges. Confused as to how to use CodePen for the projects

If I’m trying to build a Redux/React project using codepen, how do I start doing that? Do I do it through the ‘Pens’ option or the ‘Project’ option?

Do I write the Redux code first, then write the React code underneath, then connect the two using the methods explained in the challenges? Would I write this code in the HTML, CSS or JS areas of the pen?

I got how to do everything in the challenges I just don’t know how this actually translates to building real projects in the real world. Specifically the projects at the end of the ’ Front End Libraries’ course.

Even looking at the code for the example project for ‘Front End Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine’ I don’t see any code that relates to React Components or a Redux store.

So for this initial challenge REACT/REDUX isn’t necessary? Ok fine I can accept that but I still don’t know how to apply React/Redux to a codePen.

The getting started page has some good resources about it, there’s even a starting CodePen that you can fork and build upon.

Or you can take the “leap” and start developing locally especially since you talked about

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Thanks for the link.

I know nothing about developing anything locally at this point. Still very much a beginner.