Turning in My Project

I finished up my project on VSCode and went to turn it in FreeCodeCamp but I don’t know how to turn in my code straight from VSCode to FCC when it asks for a Code Pen link. Any help? I finished my Random Quote Generator project.

Hi @ErcDz !

You have a few options to submit your project.

You can copy all of your code into codepen and then submit that link.

If you feel comfortable with git and github then you can deploy your project using something like github pages or netlify.

As long as you submit some sort of live link then fCC will accept it.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for responding, I have several files in my project, is there any way to open multiple JS code editors in CodePen and does CodePen support React?

You can use codesandbox

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Also, codepen does support react but I think using codesandbox simulates a real code editor and has a starter react template you can use.

When I put the link in for my code in the Solution Link box, I get a message that says “Remember to submit the Live App URL.” Isn’t this link a Live App? jolly-vaughan-olo27 - CodeSandbox

Can you try this link?

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It worked, thanks! Where did you get that link?

Click on the icon to the far right in the screenshot and that will open a new window with the live link.
Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 9.22.25 AM


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