CodeSchool Free Weekend (November 18-20, 2016)

To celebrate reaching 3 million students, CodeShool is offering access to their entire library of content for free this weekend. The offer is starting on Friday, November 18, at 1:00 p.m. EST and ending on Sunday, November 20, at 11:59 p.m. EST.


I guess I’ll take the node courses just for grins. Thanks for posting this

Good thing I have like a 2TB hard drive.


Reminding campers about CodeSchool Free Weekend.

I’m posting so this moves to the top of the list of latest topics.

Just over a day left until this is over!

Reminding everyone who doesn’t have to much time this weekend: You can quite easily download a few courses.

Lol, you can get the certificates too. Finishing both Node courses. I have the ASP.NET downloaded, and I am downloading the Git and MEAN stack ones right now. I feel bad for my ISP, I must have used so much data downloading all this stuff.

Same here :smile: :blush:

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I broke it!

Ha, they probably noticed a lot of downloading :slight_smile:

How are you downloading it guys?

You start a course, click on a video and one of the video controls is a download icon.

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Pretty quickly because we only have 7 more hours :slight_smile:

Maybe, but the error came up when I was doing some challenges. Probably just overwhelmed, or maybe some pipes got crossed.

I haven’t broke it yet and I have over 20GB downloaded… I’m running out of room :frowning:

Well its done, and I think I did pretty good… got all the non-free courses I was interested in downloaded:

@BenGitter, how did you do?

I got slightly less. But still over 16 GB :slight_smile: The only problem will be to find time to watch it all.

BTW is the “Staying sharp with Angular” about Angular 2?

Oh yeah… I forgot I had to watch it too…

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Funny! I actually downloaded all the videos of the courses I took as well. I thought the “CSS Cross Country” course was rather good as well as the Flexbox class.

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