Code School Free Weekend! (August 18-20, 2017)

Just wanted to share that Code School is having a free weekend right now through Sunday:

Anyone who hasn’t done Code School before might want to start with JavaScript Road Trip, parts 1 through 3 (those really helped me out personally, particularly part 3). But they have lots of courses on other subjects as well, not just on JS but on other languages and platforms.

I’ve never taken a Code School course that I thought wasn’t done well, so just pick any of them and start learning!

Probably the most relevant links for those here on FCC would be their HTML/CSS path and JavaScript path, which both contain a long list of individual courses.


Thank you for sharing .

Thank you so much!
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Just bumping for day 2

Bumping for today, the last day of the free weekend!

Ends at 5 PM PDT / 6 PM MDT / 7 PM CDT / 8 PM EDT!

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