Coding Projects

I was just wondering for some advice, and I am sorry if I’m taking away space for others, but should I do projects while I am learning through the courses, or should I wait until I am done with the course to start on the projects?

Hi @SarahYT !

Are you talking about the certification projects?

If so, then you should do the exercises followed by the projects.
If you are brand new to programming the exercises will help teach you the basics and then you can practice the basics by building projects.

Or are you talking about building projects outside of FCC?

If so, then IMO the more practice the better.
Some people will suggest to finish some certifications before doing personal projects.
In my case, I felt like I learned a lot more building personal projects after finishing a certification.

For example, after I finished the first two certifications then I built my first website.
It was a whole other experience coming up with an idea and slowly coding out a website.

Then, I went and completed the front end certification and got started on my second personal project.

Everyone has different learning styles but that is what works for my learning.

Hope that helps!

@jwilkins.oboe Yes I am talking about the coding projects,.
No I am not entirely new to coding, but I have learned a few things while I’ve done,
the basic css/html parts of the lesson. But thank you for the advice. :grinning:

Just to clarify, the learning challenges aren’t required. If you feel that you know HTML and CSS really, really, really well, you can skip them. I would at least want to read through each one to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

But as you say, you “have learned a few things while [you’ve] done the basic css/html parts of the lesson”. That suggests to me that you would benefit from going through them.

Thank you for the advice, but I still feel like my question has not been answered,
For now, should I go ahead and do a couple of the projects, and then add to them as I go through the lessons, because I am going to go through them anyway.

Nothing is stopping you from starting the projects.

Only you will know if you have enough information to complete them or not.
Why not get started with the tribute page and see.

If you are completely lost, then your answer is to keep reviewing the basics.

But if you are able to do the project then move onto the next one.

You will find even if you do all of the exercises, you will probably forgot a lot of stuff and have to review certain concepts again anyway.

Review concepts as you need to.

If you still need to learn HTML and CSS, then I would wait and do the projects after the learning materials - you want to have all the colors on your palette before you start painting.

Thank you for the advice :grinning:

I just saw some of your other posts and you are still working on the basic css section.

So @kevinSmith is right that you need to complete the lessons because you are still at the beginning.

I was under the impression that you were towards the end in the css grid section and just wanted to get started with the projects.

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