FCC learning order and JavaScript

Hi everyone, I’ve done all the HTML coding lessons, and my doubt is if I should do the tests right away, or get on with JavaScript learning, since I know nothing about that (contrary to the HTML and CSS, which were more of a refresher) and because JS is so important in web developement.

So can I learn the basics of JS and do the tests later, or should I do stuff in order?

Cheers and have a nice day!

They’re not tests, they’re projects for you to reinforce what you learned in the lessons. If you don’t want the certificate you don’t have to do the projects.
Feel free to move on to JS.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for the reply, and for putting my uneasy mind to rest with silly questions. I wanna get the certification for sure, but I feel like learning JS will make me a more complete developer when I finally get to the projects!

You’re welcome.
You can do the RWD projects now, submit them and get the certificate and then after JS you can always return to them and enhance them if you’d like.