Curriculum vs Projects

Hi guys. Working on my third certificate and I can’t help but notice how much the projects demand of you more than the curriculum actually gives you. I made it through the RWD certificate, I understood to an extent the JavaScript certificate. I liked (not so much at times) the way they make you get off freecodecamp and research. But I don’t think I can say the same with the front end libraries certificate. It’s much more stuff that you have to read off topic and I literally guessed my way out of react and redux lol. For the projects it took several 30 to 1hr long YouTube videos until I decided to relearn all of this “including” the stuff I couldn’t do without e.g. DOM and JSON. So that’s my take from this current certificate. For every certificate the work becomes greater than what’s taught. Hopefully the next version works on this disconnect.

Same here currently I got stuck doing Data visulazation projects

The projects are designed to be harder. The curriculum only provides introductory material to get you used to the concepts, but doesn’t introduce every concept. For that, you need to seek out documentation and tutorials (the challenge course isn’t a complete tutorial), search other resources such as StackOverflow, and if you’re still stuck on a specific area, ask for advice here or on other fora (such as SO). It’s Read-Search-Ask, something of a mantra here on FCC.

The v7 curriculum will be project-focused, but as far as I know, will still have independent certification projects, and I don’t expect those to get any easier.

Back to 2 hour tutorials then I guess.

Hang in there bud. Best of luck.

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