College algebra course

Hi I am trying to do the college algebra course, however when I try to run the code in my personal Jupyter notebook I get an error.

I was just wondering how I would fix this. I am new to coding so I have no idea what is going on.

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Nothing seems wrong here. Do you have any other cells with code in it that might effect the variables? I can see it’s the 33rd cell.

Try restarting the runtime and just run this cell alone.

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I just restarted it and it works. I have no clue why that was happening :sweat_smile:.

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I imagine pollution from another cell. Did you rerun all the cells or just that one?

Did you use any of those variables in other cells?

Yeah I just created a closed the terminal and started a new notebook and pasted the code into there and it works fine.

No other cells had the variables they just had some markdown where I was just explaining some of the ideas I had learned in the course.

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