Comment: calculator

Hi I have completed my calculator [basic calculator], any feedback will be appreciated

One mistake i see is that AC doesn’t clear the history.
Let’s say I press 8+ and then hit AC because I want to do something else, the 8 will stay in memory. So if I hit 7- when I hit -, I’ll see 1. Apparently it subtracted the 8 and 7.

I was pressing 2+3=(in order),but = didn’t respond.But instead I tried pressing + again It doubled 3(ie displays 6).
Other case I was trying with one “.” only in number, but it’s accepting multiple “.” (dots) in the number.
You have done a good job, just little more is required … Good luck

Thank you for you feedback, i have addressed the bugs, when you have time test again :slight_smile:

Hi Aman,

i have addressed the bugs, when you have time please check the calculator app again.

Its better than before now. Only a few cases I was trying needs attention,

  1. I entered “123456789012345” and It’s going out of “CALCULATOR’s DISPLAY”. Then I tried operation “+”, and then next number “9999999999”, but it looks like it is not taking/displaying this number and later pressing “=” is not showing any result too.
  2. I was entering “1…5” , then “+”, and “5”. After pressing “=” it says “NaN”. That’s fine, but you may put a constraint on every operand that “.” may occur at most once only, before storing that operand/number and proceeding to further operations.

Thank you very much Aman, for your valuable input. i have now fixed the two bugs :slight_smile: … you can check it out when you have time.

Hello brother. Sorry to reply too late. Nice work, good to see the fixes. Just one thing, i was looking at it on ipad and the calculator keys were kind of shuffled up and down. Otherwise nice view on desktop. Thanks.