Community Guidelines Questions

I know this forum is relatively new, and I love that Free Code Camp chose the Discourse platform for us to carry out our discussions on. However, I was wondering if the community guidelines should be changed from the default ones that come with Discourse. Maybe not completely changed but some relevant information directly related to our community should maybe be added.

That needs to be updated as well, it still has some of the fill in the blank things in it.

Hi @Mortiferr and thanks for posting your concern! I see that you have an initiative to improve freeCodeCamp’s forum. We are thankful for individuals like you that take the time our of their day to point things out that could improve the user experience of this forum. As you know, FCC is open source so in order for concerns or improvements from the community to be recognized, I encourage you to view the Free Code Camp wiki and read some info on how to contribute to FCC. After you have a good idea on how FCC operates and implements community concerns and contributions I would then recommend opening an issue on the corresponding FCC repository. Thanks my friend and have a good day :slight_smile:

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