Community (Survey Form)

Hi Everyone, as per usual here is yet another project.

to be honest I dont feel too comfortable using divs as separations for my html and rather just use the Header,Main and footer labels. although it got a little confusing between body and main (does this happen to anyone else?). anyway here is my survey form!

Community Survey Form

ANY and ALL tips are apreciated. Thanks!


Wow, man! nice job! the only thing wrong is that the submit button won’t submit.

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The code is beautifully written! The project is clean, well designed, and responsive.

My only criticism - you typo’d on “Choose one” for your dropdown menu.
My only tip - you should now move to a more challenging project

Great job :slight_smile:


Hi @silfredoespinosa, it looks nice but overall it’s just…meh. I say that because it looks too much like the sample. You didn’t do anything in your own personal style.

You may want to revisit a couple of things;

  • codepen has validators for HTML, CSS and JS. In CSS, “padding-button” is an unknown property. In HTML, ‘disable’ is not a valid attribute of <option>
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button

This is a nit but since this is a community survey maybe the current employment question is relevant but would a more relevant question be one asking if the person is a renter or property owner? (Just thinking of something that makes it yours)

This is a nit but sentences start with an uppercase letter. Some of your sentences do, some of them don’t. Be consistent.

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Thank you! really appreciate it! will go over it right after I’m done with my tech-documentation page. honestly, I knew about the Validators in codepen but completely forgot to check on it. as for the punctuation it always happens whenever I’m typing too fast.

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Thank you! I just told @Roma about this. my typos are all over the place. he suggested i change the cursor to pointer over the submit button as well.