Company Landing Page Complete! Feedback?

@lasjorg @arw2015 @ed-kahara @Gilbert1391
Thank you for all of those who offered some help with my project. Man, it really kicked my butt at one point :sweat_smile:

I’m still having an issue where when I check out my site on my iPhone… it is not responsive. :frowning: However, when I right click the page on ‘Full Screen Mode’, hit ‘Inspect’, and check out the responsiveness for each device it provides a view port for, it looks fine (including my phone type)! This is what frustrates me the most…

But yeah, I’m done besides that and all my tests check out. Check out my Farmer’s Fresh Fair page:

And please, tell me what you think! What works and doesn’t work?

Hey there,

Well done I like your product landing page !
the design is cleare, the parallax effect makes it nice to scroll down.
Everything seems to work properly.

Good job, keep it up :+1:

I made a comment in the other thread.