Complete Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

A big thanks to FreeCodeCamp for providing free resources due to which I learn many programming skills.

Can someone tell me any available option where I can complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science?

I can not afford fees (free or minimum charges) that’s the reason I am looking for distance education where I can get bachelor degree as it is essential.

Many thanks!

There is no free degree unless not recognised.(as I know)
And there are still admission requirements even online one.
One way is to hit a high score(you just pay for test) and apply for scholarship,
or you may try part-time which you can work and learn.

What you are asking is impossible

Many thanks for writing back :blush:

Do you know available option for part time for distance education?

What I mean part time is on campus whatever near your working place. (I don’t know your location so no idea.)
Online course all can consider part time.(Udacity, Coursera, etc)

EdX from Harvard offering free CS class. With a small fee you can get a certification as well. I won’t sweat over a degree honestly.

There is this Open Source Society University project on Github. It does not get you a degree but it is free.