Remote CS degree

Is it possible to get a remote CS degree of US universities like MIT or Harvard or smth else without physically be there(in US). I mean is it possible to learn on distance and to get a real diploma not just a certificate. And if this diploma(if it is possible) will be counted good in Europe?
I know a difficult question but maybe some of you have this experience

Some traditional universities have degrees that can be earned online, although that is much more common for graduate degrees than undergraduate ones. I did a quick search of some of the highly regarded schools in the US that I know have online CS graduate degrees and didn’t see any undergraduate ones.

I have no idea how well regarded US degrees are in Europe.

so you mean online courses like CS50 on edx or smth like that or direct programs from the universities? because I’m not sure that edx courses certificates even if they are official give you a lot of advantage

There is a lot of good stuff available online from really good schools, but those schools rarely grant degrees based solely on online coursework.

you would recommend edx courses like cs50 to buy their certificates or it is not so important for cv for example?

That’s out of my realm of experience. I tend to be dubious of their value.

thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Look into University of the People.

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already, but the prices are for me are too high unfortunately. maybe if it was a known tech university I can collect but not for this

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Harvard Extension School grants degrees in Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Computer Science. The degree is from the Extension School not Harvard College but it’s a real degree from Harvard University. It’s expensive but so are most US degrees. Georgia Tech has a MS in Computer Science online.

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As ashlynn was saying, Georgia Tech has MS in CS, also through Udacity.

Try Open Source society University.

I’d ask what is it you’re trying to achieve. Frontend? Back? Sys admin? Or maybe something related to automata.

I don’t think its that easy to find a complete equivalent of an undergrad degree because its too hard to keep track of progress, there’s a good bunch of math.

I’d say you pick what you like and focus con it, you likely don’t have to learn everything you see in a CS degree. Employers also see the work from people, if you have developed things with what you’ve learnt you’ll probably be better suited for a job, experience matters! Don’t focus con certs, justo get really good at what you like

Not certain if you can do it out of the states, but check out Western Governor’s University. You pay like $3500 for 6 months and you can go at your own pace. They have a Computer Science track there:

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Several US universities offer fully online bachelor of science (BS) degrees in computer science. Here’s a good list:

I have no idea how such degrees are perceived in Europe. In the US, I can say that online degrees are typically met with skepticism; however, that skepticism can be overcome by a prospective employee demonstrating hot skills.

If I were you, I’d go for it. Best of luck.

Was going to mention this as well. Here’s an interesting post from a guy who went this route:

Yes they do offer online degrees but they’re NOT cheap.
Some of them are as expensive as normal tuition fee… and I’m questioning if getting an online degree will help much. You can get them and maybe it will help a little on your resume…