Interested in flexible distance online cs degree program

Hello everyone .When i went to this university website i found that there degree program is only for Americans annd Canadians .I am not living in America neither in Canada .I am interested in software development bachelor degree online programme . I want to know is there any other university which offer such online flexible learning degree programm from distance mode at low cost to other country residents .Althogh these days i am working on my skills and trying to get developer job in my country .I do not have degree and i can commit myself for extra work with developer job simultaneously . Not the cheapest but available globally as far as I know. I just finished the course as part of the coding stream and can honestly tell you it was worth every penny!

Thanks for answering .
I have seen they are offering these two degree program for international student .
BSc (Honours) Degree in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation

BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design.

I have not seen there curriculum .Do you think it will be compensating factor for cs degree to some extent.Which one persue .Do it consists of some core cs subjects like data structures , algorithms and coding .

There is a coding Stream which you will learn how to build web applications, phone apps, websites and general developer knowledge. They have a great UX module which is very helpful for diagramming problems and coming up with effective UI.
It’s not over the top technical, you won’t learn many “computer science” algorithms but you will be an effective developer afterwards. I kind of took for granted you would want to pursue the coding route since you are here on FreeCodeCamp

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Take a look at Athabasca University and what they can offer International students.

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