Online or Distance-Learning Master's Programs


Not exactly in the vein of at-your-own-pace or self-learning but, I may have the opportunity to have a degree paid for by my current employer. The catch, I need to be able to continue working full-time while studying.

I’ve already got an unrelated BA in Criminal Justice that has done me no good.

So, I’ve been looking for online or part-time learning programs that would lead to a degree. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any program that fits my needs of being mostly online.

I was wondering if any of you fine folks had any suggestions for schools or catalogs of schools?

Edit: My searching has brought me to Georgia Institute of Technology’s online Master’s program. It’s designed to be self-paced, fully online, isn’t ridiculously expensive and upon completion grants me with a diploma from a recognized school.

TLDR: looking for online/part-time university suggestions, UK or China based preferably.

I would be leery of online-only and for-profit schools, but some well regarded universities do have online master’s programs. My partner got a master’s in applied mathematics from University of Washington and I’m considering an online (or partially online) master’s in CS through CU Boulder.

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Hi, @Spazcool

At they’ve got a searchable database of degree programs. They seem to know of 55 online master’s programs.

Oh, here’re a few that I know of that they don’t seem to list. (Each of those words is an individual link, by the way.)

Obviously, I cannot take responsibility for the quality or lack thereof, but some are quite prestigious; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is said to be a top CompSci school, and Columbia is a member of the Ivy League.

These are all master’s degrees programs; if you need bachelor’s, I’ve got some links for that, too. They are American institutions, though–sorry. Oh, here’s one you might find useful–Open University, a well-established British institution.

Good luck finding something suitable!


Walden University - online Masters programs, accreditation’s; HLC +, International