Completed course reading as 98% and one step is highlighted in Grey now

So I am working on the (New) Responsive web design certification course and today is the first day I logged in, in a while. I noticed the Cat photo app project wasn’t showing as 100% as I believe it did before and that the 13th step was highlighted in grey instead of blue like the others.

I first opened up the last step thinking maybe I forgot something, re-did the final step and re-started the Café Menu exercise. This did not correct the issue. Then I went back and clicked on the 13th step and re-did it and once my code passed, I exited out to go back to the exercise menu to see if it changed to 100%, no change and the 13th step is still in grey.

So my question is, is there anyway to fix this? Is this just a bug? Any advice would be appreciated and thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum!

I have some unfinished steps in RWD.

Usually if you re-do the step which is unfinished it becomes finished.

This is not a big deal - to have unfinished steps. I have bunch of them unfinished because I am re-doing them multiple times when helping somebody.

edit. yup, I just redone a couple - they should be marked as finished as soon as you submit correct solution.

Occasionally new steps get added to the curriculum.

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Thank you @admit8490 ! I guess my next question would be does having a course marked as incomplete prevent you from being able to do your certification projects or obtain your certificates?

Thank you for that information as well @JeremyLT.

You can start to work on certification projects whenever you want.

Status of the learning courses should not be the problem.

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Alright, thanks @admit8490 I appreciate you taking the time to reply so quickly and I am glad to hear that it shouldn’t be an issue. Thank you again!

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