Completed Front-End Libraries Developer Certification

Hi Guys, Chandan Roy here. I would like to share with all of you that I have successfully completed the Front-End Certification. I learnt a lot in all of the projects. They were very challenging and spent hours and hours googling, reading documentation, reading books and revisiting John Smilga’s React Tutorial on FCC youtube channel.

I come from a non-technical background and I am already working in a completely different field, Government Service. But I have developed great passion for coding and the more I learnt, the more it interested me. Finally after months of hard work, I have this certificate to share with all of you.

Even these projects can be improved a lot and I am still in the learning phase. I would like to share one weakness of mine. I struggle with CSS a lot. I mean I believe it takes unusual amount of time in all my projects and I am still not content with UI design. I mean, obviously because I keep struggling with functionality issues on all new projects, I don’t give it more thought but still this is one thing I would like to improve to a level where I can build some cool “Pure CSS Art” as they say. My projects still have some functionality issues and bugs which I will fix going forward.

But this has been a great journey here. The FreeCodeCamp Forum has been very helpful as well. I have dug out past questions and their replies and reading them has added much value to my knowledge base.

This success is a confidence booster for me and I am gonna work even harder going forward in future.
To all those who are just starting, believe me if I can, you can too. Because I didn’t have a good academic career, I was not very serious about my studies and have been just an average or below average guy. But I have one thing and that is my dedication, when I start liking something, i become obsessed with it and this has been the only reason that I reached here. Don’t give up. Javascript is hard to understand for all beginners.

Execution context, hoisting, closures and many more concepts are there to frustrate a learner but give it time and struggle with it. You will Conquer your difficulties if you don’t give up.

To all those experts here, Please guide me going forward. I would like to build my network on social media as well. I need some tips regarding that as well. Please give your valuable suggestions one of your younger brother.

Thanks a lot!! Cheers!

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Hi @croy4744 !

Congrats! That’s a big accomplishment.

That is the best approach to building anything.
I personally gravitate more towards documentation and stack overflow than videos.

I feel like most people struggle with design. (including myself)
But that’s why there are tons of great libraries like Materialize to use to help out.

I have found a lot of luck on twitter.
I will share articles I recently wrote, or share projects that I am working on.
There are also a lot of posting about jobs, conferences and meetups.

Building up your linkedin, is also important too.
I just recently starting reworking my profile, and that has increased the activity on my page.


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