Completed the Build a Technical Documentation Page

Only have 1 more to go! Can’t wait to jump into JavaScript

That’s good ,Keep Coding and learning and try to improve project to more responsiveness as

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@Av8r956, some things to think about;

  • codepen provides you with validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link. There are issues in HTML and CSS you should look at.
  • you have a paragraph you style inside your HTML code. You have CSS for styling
  • links in your document should link away so the user can stay within the doc
  • the tiny font coupled with the color choices make most of the doc hard to read and parts of the doc very hard to read. Not a good UX
  • are you aware that this doc is not responsive?
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Thank you for the response. I’m am aware of the validators. The links I just forgot to add the target="blank and will add later. As for the not being responsive, that is one of the areas I’m currently working on. I’ve been having problems and figured out my problems stem from not knowing when to or not to use certain things and how they affect one another. So I’ve been practicing with things like box-sizing relative absolute and so on and so on. I’ve watched many videos and read articles that just show people using things but don’t explain why and when to use these. As for the inline style that was me being tired and doing something real quick trying to get to bed lol. The small font i forgot to reset to the original size when I thought it was the cause of one thing failing and just forgot to change when I found the real problem. I will make corrections after I finish my driving for the day. Another 300 miles to go. Once again thanks for the response

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