Completed the product landing page

Hello everyone,
i have finished project three, kindly requesting for any feedback.
Here is the link

Thank you.

Looking good in laptop.But not responsive enough for smaller screens (header and navigation bar).

Sharing my link too

It looks really nice and has passed all the tests.

It looks good on laptop not sure how it looks on mobile. It passes all the tests and is nice to look at. Good Job!

Looks good and gets the job done. Well done!
I see you are using px and other unit properties. I would stick to 1 to keep it more simple.

Your page looks okay @cynthia7. Some things to revisit;

  • You have a meta element in your body element. It belongs in the head element. For anything you want to add to the <head> element click on the ‘Settings’ button, then HTML and add it into the ‘Stuff for <head>’ box.
  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
    • There are HTML coding errors you should address.
  • Don’t use <br> to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for. If you want two paragraphs then use two paragraph elements.
  • Remember, the R in RWD is for responsive. You need to make your page responsive. Your navbar overruns on smaller screens and the video doesn’t scale so there’s a horizontal scrollbar. Screenshot follows;
  • Side note, it’s good you showed the format expected in your email placeholder text. There is no need, however, to put in e.g (btw, it would be e.g.) . Latin is a dead language and not everyone will understand.