Completely stuck on JS ES6 lessons

I think some of those lessons could use a rework or I’m probably too dumb…feeling like the latter.

Recently reached the Higher Order Functions and now Destructuring, but I have absolutely zero idea of what the lessons explanations want me to do. Beau’s videos don’t help either.

I feel like the explanations in the lessons are not clear enough. Despite understanding the sample codes given. I have been having to google most of those lessons and understanding what they’re about from other sources, instead of being able to work through them through the lesson explanation itself.

Here’s where I’m at now:

If you are googling what you don’t understand from a specific lesson, then you are doing the right thing. While it is true that the ES6 section might need a rework, it’s very unlikely to find a tutorial that’s going to cover everything though. And even if that’s the case there’s a chance you don’t understand something from that tutorial and you will need to look somewhere else.

As long as you are fine googling stuff without stressing out, you will be fine.

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Not dumb! An ES6 forum post like yours appears almost weekly (or maybe we’re just all dumb).

Googling is good. That means you are capable of learning on your own.

Your observations are spot-on. The general consensus is that the learning curve definitely gets steeper here - explanations are more terse and it seems like each challenge should have been proceeded a few simpler challenges leading up to a final difficult puzzler.

Just some general advice…
You might do best to consider ES6 section more of a study outline than a full-on tutorial and supplement with outside sources. Keep googling - you will eventually find some go-to ES6 resource that works with your style of learning.

This is probably a good time to start keeping example code / notes somewhere like codepen or - the act of taking notes tends to boost comprehension and retention (even if you never really refer back to those notes).

Try using arrow functions in your code even if it means starting with function expressions / declarations first and working backwards.

Don’t get bummed - this is tricky stuff even if this is not your first go at programming.

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I think some of those lessons could use a rework

Absolutely. But keep in mind that FCC is open-source and it’s hard to maintain everything up to good educational standards. Most contributes are programmers, not teachers. The site is constantly improving nonetheless.

Here’s where I’m at now:

Checking the link you provided I can assure you’re not dumb at all. (if anything else you’re smart enough to figure out something is missing)

The Destructuring Assignment lesson as of current is:

  • Not explaining the concept clearly.
  • Not explaining what you need to do clearly to pass the challenge.
  • Just throwing the concept at you without explicitly stating the benefits.

At least that’s how it would look form a learner’s perspective and a JavaScript beginner in my opinion. But you, having the optimistic programmer’s mentality, will consider it part of the challenge.

I got some time today so I covered the subject itself in a question with a more suitable title so more people can make use of the answer:

Answer | ES6: Use Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables


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