Completing the Front End Dev cert after a long break

After finishing the calculator project, I started the timer project but started getting distracted with other projects and didn’t finish. All this time I’m thinking I just have a few more projects to be done. A year later, I’m looking at FCC again and I realize many things have changes since I last worked on anything, especially older projects were it appears the API calls have changed. Some of my old projects don’t work anymore. Of course I submitted them at the time I completed them. If I want to complete the Front End dev certificate now, will I need to go through all the old projects and fix them if they don’t work?

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I cannot answer in an official capacity, but I suggest that you update your projects to work, regardless of whether you can get your certificate. For one thing, you’ll need the refresher after a year, but imagine you were at a job interview and the interviewer asked you for a portfolio. Would you want to show off projects that don’t work?


I can see you didn’t watch the programmer’s oath with uncle bob ( :stuck_out_tongue: - you should always improve your code, your craft, never stop - if it can be improved - made more efficent do it :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing FCC off and on while working on a CS degree, and I decided to come back and finish the Front End Certification. When I looked at the projects I had made so far, a lot of things were either broken or don’t look as good now as I thought they did when I did them previously, so I’ve been reworking my old front end projects and finishing the remaining ones and my portfolio looks a lot better, so I’d say it’s a good exercise to go back and fix the old projects, you’ll have more things to show off anyway.

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Thanks all. At this point it’s more a matter of finishing something started as opposed to having a portfolio for jobs. I think it would be a good exercise to go back through but I wanted to know whether it was actually required for the cert.

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You have to complete all the challenges, and the projects, the time it takes doesn’t matter. You aren’t required to go back and redo things, though it’d be benficial to you.