Computer networking needed for Backend Dev?

Hi everyone. How much computer networking is needed to develop backend side? Do I have to know protocols and layers in deep to create good and secure apps? I want to learn backend development and there’s no much information around about how computer networking and what part of it is more related (or important) with backend. Hope any of you can help me :slight_smile:

For testing purposes you normally need 2 computers. One “client” and one “server”. Or with limitations, you can even have both client and server on the same computer. For a live application, you have to have internet access.

Yes and no. There are ready solutions off the shelf. In short you have to know what you need and how to put all parts together.

As I look at this, there are two main parts. The physical server and the software servers. The physical parts are about computers, firewalls and normally Linux stuff (I have never considered Mac or PC as web servers for several reasons). The software part is mostly about serving and processing data in different ways. (SQL, pages, API etc)

Actually, there is tons of stuff on this on Google. But the trick is to pick only certain trees in the big forest. And know what you should look for.

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